Komlignum, as a family-owned business, has been engaged in manufacturing of wooden furniture and elements of wooden interior since 1997. We believe that no machinery can fully replace the hand-work, therefore over 20 years we have been known as creators and manufactures of bespoke wooden interior and custom-made furniture where modern machinery is combined with handcrafted wooden elements.

Our Mission is to provide a creative solutions to our customers’ ideas, wishes or problems. In achieving this we combine our technical expertise, innovative approaches and material know-how.
In recent years our wood manufacturing has grown due to modern machinery which allowed to widen our production. We have been engaged in various residential and commercial projects both in Europe and Russia. We have been supplying wooden custom-made furniture and wooden interior elements to a range of sectors and projects.



We are a team of professionals specializing in wooden interior design, custom-made wooden furniture design, graphic design, wood manufacturing. We can engage with your designated interior designer or architectural consultant to deliver their design concept. Or alternatively, our team can directly engage with you and develop the bespoke interior design or custom-made wooden furniture.


Our Values
INTEGRITY in everything we do
CREATIVITY which is the most important catalyst of progress and innovations
PEOPLE who are highly skilled and passionate



Special blade application technology that provides quality and longevity;
Complex template-based milling work, gluing of various forms of lumber products;
Usage of exclusive wood;
Combination of traditional antique and newest technologies;
Combination of wood with metal, stone, corian and fabrics.